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Beta User Migration Guide

Now you can record your creative works on the Bitcoin Mainnet blockchain, while taking advantage of many other behind-the-scenes improvements to the Po.et protocol.

Migrating to Mainnet

To get started:

  1. Create a new account and obtain a new API Token for your app (see instructions below)
  2. Update your app with the new API Token and the new API URL: https://api.poetnetwork.net

Create Account and Get an API Token

  1. Go to https://explorer.poetnetwork.net
  2. Click on Login / Sign Up
  3. Under Sign Up, enter your email address and set a password, then confirm the verification email sent to you
  4. Click on Get API Token
  5. Switch the toggle from Testnet to Mainnet (unless you want to use Testnet first for testing purposes)
  6. Click on Create API Token for Live to generate a new API Token
  7. Click on the created API Token to copy it to your clipboard
  8. Save the API Token in a secure place (don’t share it with anyone)

WordPress Users

We will be releasing a version 2.0 of the Po.et WordPress Plugin soon. Stay tuned to our Gitter channel for updates.

Legacy Po.et

The legacy Po.et API (https://frost.po.et & https://api.frost.po.et) will continue to function until January 15, 2019, when we will close it down.


Please reach out to us on our Gitter channel if you have any questions about migrating, or for any general questions about Po.et.